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Upon arrival please note the Water, Electricity and gas is OFF. It should be OFF when you leave.
The water valve is on the back of the Cottage under the bathroom window. Clockwise is OFF, Counter Clockwise is ON. Just snug is fine not too tight. Please be certain the water is off when you leave. The gas valve is at the end of the Cottage off the master bedroom, it is ON when the valve handle is in line with the gas pipe. It is OFF when the valve handle is perpendicular to gas pipe. Please make sure the Gas is OFF when you leave. The electric panel is located in the hallway. The panel upon your arrival should have the refrigerator breaker ON only. The only breaker left on upon your departure should be this breaker.  Turn on ALL breakers upon you arrival and turn OFF all of them accept the refrigerator upon your departure. Please feel free to use the phone at the Cottage if need be but please keep calls to a minimum as the rates are high in the mountains. No charge for the phone if kept to a minimum.
The Cottage has no cleaning or garbage service. We don't ask that you scrub floors but leave it as clean as you found it. If you stay a weekend we ask that you take your garbage with you. If you stay a week, please leave your garbage double bagged under the patio table.